Red Berry Compote with Cream (Rød Grød med Fløde) 500 gr - 2 servings

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This THE Danish dessert, made from berries found in the late summer in the Nordics this compote is made from Red Currant, Strawberry, Black Currant, Black Berry, Raspberry and finally Rhubarb it is a fantastic flavor experience or the Nordic berry flavors.

We stay low on the sugar so you can taste the actual berries and we combine it with another great thing from Denmark, Arla Cream.

Now you can add the cream as it is, but it is also "allowed" to whip the cream lightly and then put it as "top" layer.

1 "set" is 300 gr Red Berry Compote and 200 gr Arla Cream - Enjoy, we made this on request and our recent test subjects at Nordic Christmas Lunch is craving for more, here it is.